just Nothing….

when i was a kid… everyone told me that we go to the schools to get good marks. i listen them and started following marks… i was running behind them. i follow them from my junior kg to 10th standard. i still remember when i was in 7th standard once i have almost grabbed them, but i missed the top score by 10 marks. Though i did not slowed down myself. i started studying more. more harder. more serious. And at the end of my school life i was with nothing on my mark sheet.
Then i got admission in college. while i was in the college i saw her. i don’t know what was there in her. i started liking her. i started loving her. then it was the love what i have followed. it was love i ran behind. she never denied me, but she never said “yes, i love u.” i did never got her love. i was with nothing.
i had to let her go, coz i was studying in the college & that was the time for running behind the Campus placements. there was bigger competition for me or i would say i had never got the chance for the Campus Interviews… So it was again nothing.
time gone…. i got a job. then i saw every one who were running behind money… i also started running behind the money. i started shifting the jobs for more salary. more money. but now after having 4+ years of experience i looked into my bank account. there is only a four digit no i can see.
while during my race behind money i found my life. i found “YOU” in my life. so i started running behind money more. coz i wanting to have spend my whole life with YOU. YOU was now the only reason of my life…. for all the races i was running. i wanted to marry YOU. I always wanted to make YOU happy. YOU was my LOVE. YOU was my care. YOU was LIFE. YOU was my world. YOU was my dream. YOU was my everything… now i hav lost YOU to somebody else.
I was upset when i could not get marks… i was upset when i could not get love.. i was upset when i could not get placements… i was upset when i could not get money…. i was only upset for getting nothing … but now i have broken down. i have never cried before… but after loosing YOU… i could not control myself. I have lost YOU…. i have lost everything. i lost my life… it seems all my dreams are faded away. i am a looser…. looser who could get nothing…. i am just nothing….