A letter to my heart…..

Dear Heart,

Thank you for always being with me …. thank you you never stop beating for me & you make no demands …. But these days I think you have increased your demands and expectations for the other people. I have always listen to you …. trust what you say… n followed you,… but every time I do so I drop myself in trouble. So I have decided that now onwards I’ll just listen to what my brain says & not what you want. 

I agree that I found happiness on your shown path but that path always has many troubles, it breaks many relationships …. & you always left me alone in troubles… and finally my brain has to take care of the situations, you & me too … And this time brain has decided never listen to you.

Now coming to the point I think you are again trying to fall in love. I have already strictly warned you don’t go for such things again & again … coz … you know the final result better…. and other thing my dear heart … why she?… think again yaar …. coz you know better that brain is not going to listen you this time …. Brain always follows the reality…. & in reality … even you know very well … that I’m not the eligible person for her…. She deserves much more yaar… And why you are expressing yourself so louder? … When she’ll know that all these things I’m doing are just for her …. You might not know what will be her reactions … but brain knows that very well. He have already stopped you from letting her know these in any way … but anyhow you always control eyes & make them say what you feel.

I know that you are very strong and you can handle every situation as you have handled all previous break-ups. Though brain don’t want to take risk this time… & even I think he is right. This is a good decision for me and as well for you too.

I don’t know I should listen to whom? … I am sandwiched between you and brain. And this time I think brain is right.  And even my stars are not with me … so I’m not willing to take risk this time… at least in her case. I know it’s difficult to pretend that you don’t love some one … if you really do…. but I want you to try this to… coz this will be very difficult for me to handle if you broke yousrself  this time.

I don’t know how you have kept silent for the long time since I’m writing this letter. Please yaar heart, think of me this time and take your next decisions.

Always because of you,