…Queue ….

We are in a queue,
Where does this queue start from?
I think nobody knows this!!

There might be a queue in the heaven for people coming to our earth,
A queue in hospital to be born,

A queue in a school for admission to get education,
To give attendance we are numbered in a queue or roll numbers,
To get higher studies a queue of the merit lists,

Then queue at the bus stop… sometimes for railway tickets,
In college u like a girl??… Oh, then be in a queue,
To propose her!!….. don’t leave that queue
To call her even there is a queue… because line must be engaged with some one else …
Then a queue at the cinema hall…

After all these queues there is a long queue to give interviews & get a job,
After job entering in the queue to get married,
first finish the queue of buying a house,
Then slowly move in the queue to get promotion,
After having a promotion you are in your car & waiting in a queue at traffic signal,

Then a queue to the retirement,
A queue to get the pension fund,
Now you seriously need to get into the queue to the Doctors,
Finally a queue to die,
And the last queue to the funeral…

We always wanted to be first in a every queue,
but when it comes to death…
we hope we should be the last person in this queue…